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Alliance A051701


Recruiting | Phase II

Official Title:

Testing The Addition Of A New Anti-Cancer Drug Venetoclax To Usual Chemotherapy For High Grade Cell Lymphomas

Study Purpose:

To determine if adding a new drug, venetoclax, to the usual combination of drugs can lower the chance of lymphoma returning or getting worse. Also, to find out if this approach is better or worse than the usual approach for lymphoma.


  • Study Agent: Venetoclax
  • Group 1: chemotherapy called R-CHOP or EPOCH-R (usual approach)
  • Group 2: Usual approach chemotherapy (see above) plus venetoclax
  • Quality of Life questionnaires

Patients will get either treatment for up to 18 months. After treatment is finished, the doctor will continue to follow and watch for side effects for up to 5 years after registered to the study.

Key Participation Requirements:


Male or Female


19 years and older


MYC/BCL2 Double-hit or double expressing lymphoma


No prior treatment except a single cycle of R-CHOP or DA-EPOCH-R administered prior to enrollment.

No active heart disease or congestive heart failure.

Patients must sign an approved informed consent and authorization permitting release of personal health information.

Methodist Health System Trial Code:


For more information, visit the U.S. National Library of Medicine clinical trial database.

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